April 1, 2014

Your Own Family Library

Do you have a home library? 
I don't mean a separate room necessarily, 
but bookshelves scattered here and there.
Shelves, end-tables - places - which hold multiple books for your family? 
I am a firm believer in every family owning their fair share of books. 
Your home should have books for the youngsters as well as the 'oldsters'! 
Start a child’s collection when they are young and
when they grow up and leave your nest
they can start their own home with a personal library.
Let them earn money to buy their own. Pray they ask for them as gifts. 
Babies love books. 
They will start watching you turn the pages of a book in their infancy. 
They love the bright colors. 
They love to pat and learn to turn pages themselves. 
I remember each of my babies turning pages and now 
as independent young adults, they still love to read. 
I know they've turned literally tens of thousands of pages on their own.
Books are silent friends. Good books can help mold the soul in wise ways. 
Books can bring us solace, provide excitement, and 
take us to the far off worlds of enchantment, danger and bravery.  
They can help us realize our dreams and grasp our full potential.
Books help us know we are not alone and can help provide courage to proceed in life. 
Books, used correctly, have great potential.
Choose wisely.

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