Heart and Soul

What makes up the real you? When all is said and done, you are alone at the end of the day, what are you left with?
No doubt about it - the essence of who you are is the heart and soul.
A person's heart and soul doesn't come ready-made into some lofty entity. We are beautiful, without guile, and truly pure when we are born into this world but then as we grow and develop, our spiritual nature matures and ripens into loveliness or deteriorates into something unpleasant. It will depend a great deal on our surroundings and the interaction we have with those around us. Some of this we don't have a choice about - who our parents are, the environment to which we are born - that's all pretty much out of our control.
But then, there's comes a point when we are making the decisions - What paths are we choosing? how do we spend our free time? what books do we choose to read? or do we read at all? what movies or t.v. shows do we watch ... do we persist in dwelling in darkness, betrayal, ugliness and truly believe it won't rub off on us? Or do we decide on purity, wholesomeness, and quality? These choices are what will make our heart and soul a good thing or not ... and then it boils down to the 'character' of a man or woman. Do we have any backbone, are we steady and true to high morals and integrity? Would your friends trust with you with their secrets? Would they trust you to lift them up when they need that hand of deliverance?
We have a choice to develop our heart and soul into an incredible masterpiece – tweaking ourselves here, erasing this, adding a little sunshine there, and modifying that ... we make the choice of who and what we are. It is as simple as that – but also, so complicated, so humbling, so wonderful.
I hope each of us longs to be our "best self'. I know each one of us is capable of so much more than what we are doing now.
 But how? With what tools? Who’s going to help?
The answer:
First and foremost – God and His principles for integrity and right living. 
Okay, now that's pretty broad, but you see, it is when we open our eyes to see, our ears to hear and when we humble our stubborn hearts to receive words of wisdom, then we realize God helps us through the world around us – yep, it's through friends, parents, family ... we reach out, ask advice, be on the look-out and also, read good books and utilize resources just like this! 
You see, the 'Good Life' is here - ready for us to enjoy - excellent activities and pastimes. I like to think of our choices laying before us every single day like an artist's palette – every good and pure color and hue imaginable - the colors representing honorable and wonderful choices ... and all we have to do is pick up the brush, select just what we need to create our Masterpiece!
Amazing ... this heart and soul part of us ... it's Who You Are.  There are so many great books on what makes us who we are and how to transform ourselves into something even better. I believe, bar none, the Bible, God’s Word, is our best resource but also, I’ve listed a number of inspirational books right here at  Pathways. Take a look … we're going to have some FUN!
We’re so happy you're here! 

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