Financial Soundness

Or you could just say ... Dollars and Sense
Here again, we have to choose our Path when it comes to $$ and common sense or we'll end up showing a lack there of and steer ourselves right into tight times. I believe we have what we 'have', or 'don't have' because of choices we make along the way. 

For me and my house we decided way back  in the courting days of this mom and pop that I would be a 'stay at home' mom. We knew that might mean that there'd be times of pinching pennies and maybe doing without and also cutting back, but because I was able to stay at home there were also home- cooked meals every day, children that were home educated, and so many other riches that were experienced in the everyday moments of our lives together. I may not always have what the Jones have but, then again, I've never felt 'poor'.

But, whatever your choices as a family, absolutely, we need to have a Financial Plan so, where do we go for advice? Well ....
The days flew by so fast that at times it seems like yesterday the six of us were gathered around the table sharing laughter, hopes and dreams and learning, always learning. The union of these two lives meant the uniting of two hearts and minds that loved to read. Before entering into new adventures we read. When we have troubles, we read. We read when illness threatens. We read to relax and we read to explore. We have learned much and our lives are better for it. When we wanted to work on our finances -- we read.
My Grandfather had a leather book mark that eventually made its way into my possession. I believe the words on that bookmark sum up how I feel about good books - “Books are silent friends.”  You can choose your friends and you can choose your books.
Financially speaking I have my own favored books and resources from over the years and here at Pathways we'll be looking at some of these excellent sources. Basically, as my parents always taught and lived: if you don't have it, don't spend it. But honestly, abundance is in your attitude – some of the richest people are miserable because of loneliness, betrayal, greed and boredom.
The Path I hope you choose will lead to you Abundance in all the areas that count ... including Financial Soundness.

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