Celebrate Your Dreams

Your Dreams are your WHY ... and All of us must have a "WHY" in life. For each of us it- that 'why' - must become our Magnificent Obsession - our lives will never be lived as they were intended to be lived - full and rich and bursting with the promise of a better tomorrow.

Your Why 
  • will be different than mine 
  • it will be different than your spouse or 
  • any of your children
  • different than your closest friend
We may complement a loved one but we must have, must develop, or create our own 'why'.
This Why is about you, what makes you 'tick'. The 'why' that prompts us to get up in the morning will be different at various stages of our journey. It's all good - all this that makes us singular in our accomplishments and therefore more terrific stuff gets done.
A motto for life could be "Delight In The Differences" -- the reason is ... we all have a part to play, a role to live,  a dream to fulfill. If you don't live up to your expectations, live out your talents and use your gifts then the world will suffer a loss. 
Do you have your own Magnificent Why? Are you consumed with a passion that will leave a legacy? All I have to say here is:  if you DO know your 'why' then, Hooray!!    
If you don't, then search it out and claim it.  Let's do some research. Let's explore ... Use Pathways to help you find your 'why' and start Living your passion today and tomorrow and that will make all you do truly wonderful.

And so, now, my prayer for you is that you will be ... Blissfully, and Magnificently Obsessed.