May 22, 2014

For the Kids ...

Love this book for the little ones - a great read-aloud. If you don't read out loud to your kids, you should start! This provides some of the best soul-connecting times between parents and their kids (or grands!)

ABCs and 123s with Tasha Tudor!!
Tasha Tudor is an exquisite illustrator ... and every one of her books are lovely! This is one of the first books we got to start our own children's library. Love, love, love this little book!

Sweet as honey for the souls of your little ones.... 

In this next selection, photographer Richard Brown followed Tasha Tudor throughout a year on her farm. By interweaving Tudor's own words and more than 100 color photographs, Brown has evoked the essence of Tudor's uniquely appealing personality and way of life. The inspiration for Tudor's art is evident in her delightful surroundings. Foremost is the magnificent garden she designed and rightfully calls "Paradise on earth."

What can I say? I am in love with all the Corduroy books - this little guy stole my heart and his stories are precious.

There is no way a child can have too many Mercer Meyer's Little Critter books ... pure delight!


The next books are priceless - we read them out loud to our kids more than once and then they read them to themselves! Definitely faovites of our family! I read these to our kids and now am doing the same with the Grands!

Oh My! I love these next two ... they go hand in hand and are a must for every child. Parents with fall in love with them too. George Selden is a marvelous author, no doubt about it.Some of the coziest, most memorable times were spent reading these two books to the kiddos. Sweet moments.

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