Some Healthy Talk!

Let's Talk Physical -

If you love life, have fun, live with a sense of joyful expectation then you are far more apt to live a healthy life! And that is a fact. 

You see, this physical body of ours is directly, irrevocably tied into the mental and spiritual part of who we are. We are all just one entangled package.  
  • Your body can tell when your mentally upset. 
  • Your body knows when you are letting stress have the upper hand. 
  • Your body behaves just the way your mind tells it to. 
  • Your body will suffer if you abuse it or neglect it in any way. 
Sure, there are those germs that will cause us to get sick with a virus or the flu once in a while and of course, some of us are unfortunately born with peculiar ailments that we have to overcome. 

However, it is a proven fact that much of the ailments we deal with are brought on by stinkin' thinkin' and rotten behavior. There you have it - you are responsible for your health.

  1. There are definite ways to improve this physical body - one of the best ways is to just LAUGH more often. Incredible, amazing, healthy things happen to a body that laughs regularly. 
  2. Walking from here to there is a important activity too. A fast-paced walk is great but meandering strolls are wonderful as well. Our bodies were made to walk and keep active. Our sedentary lifestyles are detrimental to how we were created to function. 
  3. Purposed exercise has taken on so many forms that there is surely something available we can enjoy and participate in - whether it is sporting activities like soccer, softball or volleyball or individual activities like biking, Taebo, or as mentioned, walking. It'd be worth your while to discover something you can enjoy and get you body moving. 
  4. Eating right is another big part of taking care of this body of ours. I love to eat. Just now I finished a snack - I felt I needed a little fuel and I am a confirmed 'grazer'. My snack was 8 yogurt covered raisins, and 5 assorted nuts - with a little glass of peach/grape juice. To me that was a perfect snack that will see me through to supper which will be in about 2 hours.
We need to think seriously about how we fuel our bodies... what we're going to eat. Learn what is good for you and then acquire a taste for it. 

Just remember... love yourself enough to love your body well.  Don't try to look like this year's model or that body builder - figure out who you are and how you function best. Some of us are prone to be small and others are a bit larger. That's okay. Just accept this wonderful, amazing body that is your own and love it ... since it's the only one your given, take care of it as if it were a holy place – and treat it with respect, honor, and faithfulness. 

Choosing the right paths in life means
  • enjoying who you are physically
  • loving your looks
  • loving your body type 
  • developing a physical style that exudes vibrancy and joy. 
We'll be looking at some good resources in this area! We're gonna be having some FUN!