Home Sweet Home

There's no place like home” is a old expression probably made popular with Dorothy's famous lines in The Wizard of Oz. But, you know what? In the real world of the here and now ... well, it is absolutely TRUE! There is no place like our own home, be it ever so humble. I don't care if you live in a mansion, a bungalow, a cabin, a mobile home or a tree house, our home is where we 'hang our hearts'. Or at least it should be. 

Every day we choose the path to a Great Home ... or not. Our homes should be the place we can come to find peace and refuge from the world. Homes can be filled with wonderful things - like laughter bouncing off the walls, 'I love yous' echoing down the halls, poignant and heartfelt conversation sashaying through the rooms, with peace and contentment reigning throughout. Is your home a fun place to be?

Our homes need to be a place where creativity has free reign – where kids and adults can experiment with projects, cooking, writing, painting, constructing, sewing, reading, writing or whatever! Imaginations should be developed and nurtured. Games should be played and fun and frolic should be had every day.

Our homes are where respect is shown and consideration for others nurtured. Homes are not a democratic environment – it is a place where the authority of the Father is expected as the head of the family and the Mother is respected as the heart. Healthy, disciplined lives are lived in happy homes. Chores should be a part of every 'citizen' in our little kingdom because this is where work ethics originate and are expanded. Obedience is matter-of-course – taught from the cradle up and encouraged.

Physically, materially and spiritually we make choices every day regarding what to bring into our homes. Quality, wholesome books, movies, magazines, inspiring decorations, peaceful colors... the list goes on! We decide every single day. 
  • Are these choices of God? 
  • Is Jesus at home with our movie choice? 
  • TV program? 
  • The book in our hand? 
  • Are we proud of what our children are seeing?
  • Is this choice part of the foundations we're having them building their lives on? 
So, the question is: as a parent, spouse, or just for yourself, are you doing your part to insure your home is what it ought to be? Each of us need to have the spot we call “home”. There's so many ways to create a good home – a sustaining home. A home that builds a person up from the inside out. Don't worry if you feel you haven't done this yet – I am all about fresh starts.

We'll be offering suggestions as a part of this site but in the end, it's all up to you! Design your traditions. Build characters. Mold lives. Establish routines. Start creating your Masterpiece of a Home today!

Now. let's have some FUN! This is going to be great!