April 15, 2014

A Few Good Books

Spring break - it's here, there and for some, still to come. Whether you're relaxing at home or traveling, one of the requirements for a good spring break is a few good books. And joy, oh joy, there's quite a selection to choose from!!

Through the years I've read many books by hundreds of fabulous authors. Every so often there is one that will stand out from the others and the following is one of those - it boggles my mind to think one brain could hold so much imagination and creativity as this man. The research he puts into his writing projects is incredible. Historical fiction, science fiction, biblical fiction - you will journey around the world, throughout the centuries and live these books.  He is truly in a league of his own! Find here a few of the  Amazing books by Orson Scott Card Buy one, it'll lead to a collection that you will treasure throughout the years.

As for non-fiction authors this guy is one of my all time favorites - books by Andy Andrews build character. They're written in such a way that you want to read them out loud to those around you - you'll either have everyone in stitches or tears. Moving, provocative, profound. This man knows the magic of weaving words into pictures that become a part of who you are. Andy Andrews - one of the best of the best. Here's one of his newest.

This next author may have been around for awhile but I've just been recently introduced to him - Sigmund Brouwer! He's on my list of 'greats'. I've only read two but have started by third by him and am already caught in the drama.
The first I read was one of his historical fiction that took place in the American wild west. The second I was The Weeping Chamber - Oh My! He had me turning pages far into the night and first thing in the morning. I have been exposed to the passion of Christ my entire life but was truly brought to tears by the tales of Simon in this riveting drama. Captivating! Mesmerizing. Emotional. The one I'm into now is present day Charleston, SC. Mr. Brouwer crosses the genres with ease - and writes for all ages. Please be sure and check out
The Sigmund Brouwer page.
and for ebook lovers ....
Sigmund Brouwer Kindle page.

Last of all for this morning's listing is something special for all our married folks ... this series is delightful and definitely a keeper. We were introduced to Gary Chapman over 20 years ago and have used his marriage books in our own personal study and in numerous classes. It is so cool how he and Catherine Palmer have taken biblical wisdom and woven it through these 'true-life' stories.
I laughed, cried, felt deep pain and finally renewal along with the folks of this small town. Every marriage can truly be enhanced by reading and learning from the characters found in Deepwater Cove - four seasons of life - and truly - four seasons of marriage.

Four Seasons

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