April 3, 2014

Another Favorite Author

Lois T. Henderson brought several Bible characters alive for me. I could feel the heat of the day, feel the gut emotions as I lived through danger, deception, fulfillment and glory. Henderson wrote fictional novels based on historical facts.They helped me understand what an incredible Holy God we serve - He used the most unlikely of characters throughout history to proclaim His love and be a part of the drama of the Salvation Story. Reading her novels as a very young woman, just beginning my own Christian walk, helped me realize that all of us have our own story to tell. We, ourselves, are very valuable in the scheme of things ... most importantly, IF we let Him be the author of our own life-story.

Buy, read and enjoy! These are books you will be proud to share with others, guaranteed you and they will come away a better person for having entered this holy ground.

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