April 13, 2014

Pathways on Facebook

Thursday of this week I 'published'  our Pathways facebook page. The page serves a number of purposes ...
  • it serves as another platform for the blog, 
  • it reaches folks that are really not 'into' blogging but love interacting with facebook, 
  • I like how I can ask for likes and comments 
  • I like how I can share great photos and quotes.
Thank you to all of you who 'liked' the page over the past few days. I do have a number of posts up where I asked for some interaction and may be posting those on my regular page for awhile until I get a routine going.

Our internet world is actually pretty amazing. There are definitely pros and cons to each and every situation in which someone may find themselves on the web or in life itself but, I hope, together that we make Pathways a positive place where good values shine.

Thanks again for your participation!

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