December 15, 2010

Some Favorite Movies ... Way Old but, GOOD!

Okay, so I am going to share with you some of my very favorite movies ... some are way old but hey, even though they may not be 'classics' they are great to me!

The Air Up There is a fun Kevin Bacon film sports film that's really more a culture-clash comedy and since we lived in Africa it was really cool to see the street and village scenes.  He plays an assistant coach at the college-basketball level who's looking for that big, big recruiting score and finds it in a distant African village.

Tom Selleck ... whoohoo, need I say more? Seriously, Quigley Down Under has been a family favorite for years. Selleck plays Matthew Quigley, the cowboy hero in this basically Western film, but, with a twist it's set in gorgeous Australia. The story has interesting twists and turns with some scenes that are truly heartbreaking, exciting, and just overall memorable. You'll be laughing, crying and rooting for the good guy! I love it, from beginning to end! If you've never seen it or not added it to your own library, get it today 'cause, it's a keeper.

Oh me, oh my I LOVE these two films!

The first time I saw The Man From Snowy River, was on a luxury bus in Argentina with about 30 or so others as we were heading up to a missionary retreat. Our three big kids were just little guys then and we were on our way to beautiful Cordoba. Oh, yeah, the movie ... well, it wasn't the best of circumstances for watching a pretty intense, exciting, wonderful movie but I enjoyed it enough to realize I would be watching it again. When I did, I loved it! (and every time I watch it I remember the ones around me the first time ... ah, good times)

The story is captivating, the landscapes are gorgeous and some of the scenes are absolutely spectacular. If you ever loved horses or are a sucker for a good love story, then you will for sure love these films. You know how some sequels are just not as good as the first? Well, with these, Return to Snowy River, is not a disappointment.
These are definitely a great add to any home collection!

Okay this next one is a fav of so many people - and if you love this movie, you probably have some lines memorized ... it's a classic love story full of swash-buckling adventure, sword-play, intense drama and the inevitable happily ever after ...

Mike Stone's review put it well ...."So now that I am 27 instead of 13, and know back-to-front the filmmographies of all the actors involved, and have seen the film more than a dozen times, and can quote lines from it at the drop of a hat, do I find it any less appealing than on that first viewing? Of course not. Goldman and Reiner's film rewards multiple viewings, with its wit, its playfulness, and most importantly, its subversiveness. Will there ever be a time when I tire of watching it? A time like that is right now, as Vizzini might say, "inconceivable" ... "
 Our family has seen The Princess Bride numerous times and will without a doubt do so again. Surely, you have this movie already but just in case you don't, then hurry, don't delay, get it today!

Okay, here is one you may not have heard of - it's a Hallmark film - we used to be a part of their club - and we got some great selections in our library during that time. My sister, Jonell, was Downs Syndrome and so, I have always had a soft spot for films that deal with special needs people and their caregivers.

 The Boys Next Door,  is truly a lovely story ... it takes you into the home of 4 very dear men  and their social worker (Tony Goldwyn - it's so cool to see him in this role after his evil role in Ghost) and lets you see a little of the life they live. The acting is superb ... I mean, just incredible. The actors that play the roles of these mentally challenged people ... well, this had to be a role of a life-time for each of them.

I LOVE this movie and you will too. 

I just mentioned another of the best films of all times ....

Ghost is a movie I will always love. Romance, high drama, mystery, intrigue, a little bit of horror, and of course, Whoopi Goldberg is fabulous, and provides the wonderful comic relief in the story, as a con artist who finds herself with a 'gift' to give.

The film is rated PG-13 because of scenes of violence and yep, there's the very sensuous clay sculpting scene to the tune of "Unchained Melody"(who can ever forget that?!)

If you have already seen this movie, and know it's one that you will watch over and over then, this great DVD is a bargain. If you haven't seen it, it's well worth a try and will keep everybody involved for the entire length of the film.

Go for it and enjoy!
On the lighter side ... every so often I love a good old-fashioned comedy ... and this is what this next one is. 
The Gods Must Be Crazy is pretty much a one-of-a-kind film. I really don't think it was expected to become the international hit that it was ... but that's what happened. If you're one of the few who have not seen this 1980 (released in 1984 in the U.S.) riveting tale set in Africa then you have really, truly missed out! There is really 3 stories going on at once ... story one involves a bushman whose discovery of a Coke bottle causes all kinds of mishaps among his tribe, story two concerns an awkward romance between a clumsy field scientist and a sweet, pretty schoolteacher, and the third plot involves a group of terrorists on the run. Slapstick, satire, romance, violence--it's all here in a somewhat silly but entertaining movie. 

There was a sequel, The Gods Must Be Crazy II that followed four years later. Jamie Uys, who produced and directed the film, has a small cameo in the beginning as the reverend who asks Steyn to go pick up Ms. Thompson.

These two movies put one in mind of the old slap-stick comedies of days and days gone by.

Definitely, both make for a great family evening of fun times!

Now this next one is so much fun and I love, love, love it ... the first time I saw it I was so pleased with our evening out. It was such a good date for Lowell and me and if anyone is going to make the effort to go out then you definitely don't want to be disappointed with your choice of movie. I remember leaving the theater smiling. So, buying this for your home library is a good selection!

 Crocodile Dundee makes for a evening of delight. It's a feel-good, old-fashioned love story that is filled with the unexpected, moves at a fast pace and is highly entertaining.

If you love the character, Paul Hogan, you need this boxset. Our kids grew up watching this movie so it holds a special place in our hearts. Great comedy along with fun, family feel-good. It's a winner.

The sequels were just OK in my opinion – they're basically all about the absurdity of Dundee's antics and Hogan is great throughout – just no real depth.

Well, that's all for today - just a few oldies but definite goodies. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. I'm a huge movie lover and have seen all of those except for two. Have you seen RV with Robin Williams? It's hilarious!!


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