December 10, 2010

Some Books Just Make You Feel Good!

I love feel-good books. Sometimes I like suspenseful readings and sometimes educational but I love, love, love my feel-good books. Like ... The Mitford Years series by Jan Karon.

I read my first Mitford book way back maybe even 10 years ago ... and I loved it! I fell in love with the town, the people, and when I finished, I wanted more!

We live here in Honduras now and unfortunately we weren't able to bring very many of our books with us. Last month a co-missionary loaned me her set of Mitford books. I was so excited. I loved reading each book but as I would get to the end I was sad too - knowing I was one book closer to the end of the series ... oh no! No more Mitford!

I may be a little prejudiced, being from North Carolina myself. The landmarks are familiar to me, the people seem like my people and I just felt at home. However, judging by their popularity over the years, I am not along in my prejudice of believing these books are some of the best ever and should be a part of every family's library.

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