December 11, 2010

No Family Library Is Complete Without ...

The Chronicles of Narnia! Oh, man, when I first read the Chronicles of Narnia I was enthralled. I would finish one and couldn't wait to get to the next. I still love them and actually am going to read them again as soon as our son finishes reading them for the second time. He started just last week - there are a few of them he's read even 3 times.

My husband read these out loud to the kids when they were little. I had gone back to school and he had several nights in the week he had to do the whole bedtime routine with them himself. We we read out loud to all the kids when they were younger and these books were by far some of the family favorites.

Not only did we love the books, we went as a family to the movie of the Lion, the Witch and theWardrobe on Christmas day in 200 - that is a cool memory for me. It was the last Christmas when it was just the 6 of us ... you know, before the kids all grew up, left home, got married ... well, Jake's still with us (hooray) and it's just the girls that are married, but Jared is off fighting forest fires ... anyway, we LOVED the first movie! We were not disappointed in the least.
But, really, do get the books if you haven't already and start reading!!

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