December 10, 2010

Building Your Library - with 2 Chronicle Series ...

I love the Spiderwick Chronicles! They were an easy read but fun and the illustrations are delightful!

My son actually got the gift set several years ago and I decided to read them this week. Averaged one book per night and there are only 5 so, I'm done! Maybe that was too fast.

Anyway, I am already wishing we had the Guide to go along with them. This is a great buy ... maybe there's someone in your family who would love this for Christmas! They may be for kids but parents can read them too.

Before grabbing the Spiderwick books I had just finished these 2 wonders.

Many of you are probably already familiar with this husband and wife team of authors. They have a monstrous collection of writings and the time period of these particular books is that of New Testament, the latter days of Christ's ministry. The story revolves around a young blind beggar named Peniel but you also find yourself moving through the lives of several people at once. Just when you can't wait to find out what is going to happen you're in another town, different circumstances and you press on just to see what happened where you were.

These are well written and full of detail - you really feel you're walking the streets, and get caught up in the emotions of the people.  As opposed to Spiderwick, A.D. Chronicles are definitely not a light read.

 There are more in the A.D. Chronicle series ... and you won't want to stop with these!

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