December 10, 2010

Homeshooling Is Cool

I know homeschooling isn't for everyone but for our family it was a perfect fit. We've been a part of so many great experiences all because we chose to school at home. Granted, it was a given that we'd choose this avenue of education during our years in Nigeria. It was either school the kids at home or send them off to boarding school and to me that wasn't an option.

In the course of 20 years we have run across any number of favorite books. Some curriculum suggest books to buy and then there are always homeschool fairs or conferences that have great booths to find treasures. I want to share one with you now.

Writers INC is a fabulous book in providing clear and excellent explanations of grammar, sentence construction, and does a great job in guiding the student through report and research writing. It's fun to read, interesting, and has lots of perks, like additional information that just helps in life - communication skills and getting along. It teaches the student how to get the most out of their reading and then turn it around and apply it to their own writing.

Writers INC : A Student Handbook for Writing and Learning  
 In my book, it's a Keeper long after the kids leave home - that is if it doesn't go to college with our last one!

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